• Agrícola El Redil SAS, is a Colombian company leader in the production of roses and spray roses.
    We seek efficiency and responsibility in all our processes,  we are aware and committed to the development of our Integral Management System  (IMS).Our IMS  will allow us to continuously improve the system and thus meet the needs and expectations of our stakeholders and  parties involved in our activities, for which we will adjust to the following:

    • Our Environmental commitment is focused on working with all stakeholders to build and maintain relationships of mutual respect and trust, preventing contamination through the application of tools and technology that favor the continuous improvement of our operations and processes, in order to:

    – better quality of life for our workers and their families, designing programs of education, housing, and recreation.

    – Do not hire minors, do not discriminate, do not generate forced labor, do not perform HIV tests, or pregnancy.

    – Respect the right of our employees to associate freely.

    – Rational use of water resources.

    – Minimize and properly manage waste management.

    – Preserve and conserve our environment through the program of landscaping, biodiversity and land use.

    – Make an integrated pest and disease management.

    In order to ensure the success of our commitments, we will set objectives and goals, measure the achievements and implement the necessary corrective measures to guarantee the commitment, participation and linear responsibility of the organization in order to maintain high standards in our Integral Management.

    Agricola El Redil SAS will provide the human, technical and economic conditions and resources necessary for the development of the Integral Management System activities to be carried out with efficiency and continuity, in addition to being in compliance with the legal or other requirements that During the course of their activities.

    Updated July 13, 2017